John Crater
Battalion Chief
Phone: 760-329-2458

  • For emergencies, call 911.
  • For non-emergencies, call 951-678-1661.
  • Arson Hotline: 800-633-2836
  • Wildomar Fire Station 61
    32637 Gruwell St, Wildomar, CA 92595
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Equipment Use Causes Fires
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Smoke Detectors Save Lives

The primary purpose of this program is to get working smoke detectors into homes that do not have a working smoke detector. Get information here.

Smoke Detectors/Alarms offer an early warning when a potentially serious fire has occurred in the home and affords the residents precious moments to successfully escape a fire. Low-income Wildomar seniors ages 55 and above can apply for a free unit by submitting this simple application to Fire Station 61 or the Community Services Department at City Hall as supplies last.

CAL FIRE/Riverside County Fire Chief Implements Proclamation Suspending Permit Burning

Effective at 12:00 p.m. on Friday, July 1, 2011, CAL FIRE/Riverside County Fire Chief John R. Hawkins has implemented a Proclamation suspending burning in all State and Local responsibility areas within the County of Riverside and reads:



Due to the extreme menace of destruction by fire to life, improved property or natural resources caused by critical fire weather and acute dryness of vegetation; and/or fire suppression forces being heavily committed to control fires; and, under authority vested in me by the Director of the Department of Forestry and Fire Protection as per section 4423.1 of the Public Resources Code, I hereby suspend, except within incorporated cities, the privileges of burning by permit and other uses of open fire in the geographic area described as:


In addition to suspension of open burning, the following restrictions also are hereby app lied in the area cited above:

  1. Use of campfires is restricted to within established campfire facilities located in established campgrounds open to the public.
  2. Agricultural burning in the Palo Verde Valley and Coachella Valley is authorized as required for agricultural rehabilitation.
  3. Cooking fires with a valid permit are permissive when no alternate means of cooking is available and requires an on-site inspection prior to the issuance of a permit.
  4. Warming fires are permissive and require an on-site inspection prior to the issuance of a permit when weather conditions exist to justify the request.

In accordance with section 4423.2 of the Public Resources Code, state officers having jurisdiction and authorized by the Director of Forestry and Fire Protection may issue restricted temporary burning permits whenever it can be shown that burning or use of open fire is essential for reasons of public health, safety, or welfare.

This order shall become effective at 12:00 p.m. on July 1, 2011, and remain in effect until I formally terminate this proclamation.

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Weed Abatement Inspections Begin April 1st

The Riverside County Fire Department/CALFIRE will begin it’s annual weed abatement inspections on April 1st. Residents are encouraged to remove flammable grass and vegetation to a distance of 30 feet around all structures on their properties and an additional 70 feet of vegetation thinning/modification for a total of 100 foot clearance. It is very important that residents provide a “defensible space” for firefighters to protect your homes in the event of a wildfire.”

The City provides fire protection under contract with the Riverside County Fire Department/CalFire. A full range of services are available, including structural and wildland fire protection, prevention, emergency medical response, hazardous materials response and disaster preparedness.

The department operates from Station 61 on Gruwell Street in Wildomar. Through the department’s integrated, cooperative regional fire protection program, several county stations provide primary response to Wildomar calls, including Station 68 in Menifee, Station 75 in Bear Creek and Elsinore Station 94.

For fire incident information, please visit the Riverside County Fire Incident website

For additional safety information, please visit the CAL Fire and Riverside County Fire Department website.

Early Warning Notification

Riverside County offers an early warning notification service that sends phone messages to residents and businesses that are affected, threatened or might be endangered by an emergency event or disaster.

The system uses phone numbers in the region’s 911 database to contact listed and unlisted parties. It is TYY/TDD capable. The system will leave a message if the phone is answered by a machine.

Because the system uses only land-line numbers, it is necessary to register numbers for other types of phones. You may do so on the emergency alert website.

County Request an Incident Report Page

Please send the request and fees to:
Riverside County Fire Department
Attn: Custodian of Records
210 West San Jacinto Avenue
Perris CA 92570

Questions may be addressed to our public records email account or to our office by phone (951) 943-4970.
 Normally, the fire report copy will be sent within two weeks.