The Planning Department is divided into five (5) key functional divisions:

Public Information & Zoning Services:
The Planning Department is responsible for providing timely and accurate zoning/planning information to the general public through our zoning counter at City Hall, as well as by phone and email.  The public information counter is open Monday - Thursday (8 am to 5 pm).  You can reach one of planners anytime via email (see listing below).  Our primary phone number is (951) 677-7751, Ext. 203 or 241. 

Current Planning:
The Current Planning team is responsible for managing the development review process, including review, analysis and processing of all "private development projects/applications."  It is our responsibility to ensure each development application complies with the City's General Plan, Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances that require review by the Planning Commission and/or City Council.  For specific information on current planning projects and their status, you may download our Cumulative Development Project Matrix (see below link).

California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA):
A major component of the development review process is preparation of the appropriate environmental documents (i.e., EIR's and/or MND's) for new development projects to ensure compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Guidelines.  Each development project is assigned to one of our on-call CEQA consultants who works with the Planning Director on preparing and processing these environmental documents in accordance with CEQA provisions. You may click on the link below (titled "Adopted CEQA Documents") to view previously adopted/certified CEQA documents.  You may also click on the link below (titled "CEQA Environmental Documents Center") to review current environmental documents that are available for public review.

Advanced Planning:
The Advanced Planning team is responsible for the administration and update of the City's General Plan and Specific Plans, including implementation of its goals, polices and action programs as directed by the City Council.  We are also responsible for preparing zoning and subdivision ordinance amendments to address City Council policy directives and State mandated regulations, such as the Housing Element.

The Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program:
The CDBG program is administered by the Planning Department in direct coordination with the Riverside County Economic Development Agency (EDA).  This program is funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  Our annual CDBG funds vary in amount from year to year and are used for capital improvement projects within the City's "CDBG/Low-Mod" planning area, and for public services via our local non-profit 501(C)(3) public service organizations.  These organizations may apply each year for CDBG funding typically around the end of August.  CDBG allocations are then reviewed and approved by the City Council in October of each program year. In order to qualify, CDBG funded projects must satisfy one of three national program objectives as required by HUD.  These three areas are as follows:
Provide a benefit to low and moderate income persons;
Prevent or eliminate slums and blight; or
   *  Meet other urgent community development needs due to natural disasters or other emergencies.
For questions about the CDBG program, please contact Matthew Bassi, Planning Director at (951) 677-7751, Ext. 213.

Questions? Click here to ask the Planning Department a question.

For information related to the Zoning Ordinance, please click here or on the “Municipal Code” icon found on the City's main webpage.

Planning Counter Hours:
Monday – Thursday 8:00 a.m. – 12 p.m. (Closed Afternoons & Fridays)

Planning Department Staff Contacts:​
Matthew C. Bassi Matthew C. Bassi
Planning Director
Phone: 951-677-7751, Ext. 213
Alfredo Garcia
Associate Planner
Phone: (951) 677-7751, Ext. 203
Michael Paul
Assistant Planner, PlaceWorks
Phone: (951) 677-7751, Ext. 241
Mark Teague
Asst. Planning Dir./CEQA Manager, PlaceWorks
Phone: (619) 299-2700
Robert Kain
Senior Planner, PlaceWorks
Phone: (951) 677-7751, Ext. 241

Planning Dept. Staff
From left to right: Michael Paul, Matthew Bassi, Mark Teague, Alfredo Garcia

Planning Department On-Call CEQA Consultants:

Mark Teague, Associate Principal
PlaceWorks, Inc.
Phone: (619) 299-2700

Ross Geller, Principal

Applied Planning, Inc.
Phone: (909) 937-0333

Matthew Fagan, Principal

Matthew Fagan Consulting Services
Phone: (951) 265-5428

Stephanie Standerfer, Vice President
Albert A. Webb Associates
Phone: (951) 686-1070
Deanna Hansen, Vice Pres.
ESA Associates, Inc.
Phone: (213) 599-4300

Joel Morse, President
T & B Planning
Phone: (714) 505-6360

Planning Department On-Call Landscape Architects:

Fausto Reyes, Principal
LandArq, Inc., Landscape Architect
Phone: (951) 538-8001

Richard Krumwiede, Principal
Architerra Design Group, Landscape Architect
Phone: (909) 484-2800

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Wildomar Visioning Booklet 10-25-08

Wildomar Housing Element (Adopted 12/11/13)

Riverside County/Wildomar General Plan (32mb)

County General Plan Environmental Impact Report Volume I (22mb)

County General Plan Environmental Impact Report Volume II (28mb)

Adopted Local CEQA Guidelines Manual

Wildomar Single Family Res Design Standards-Guidelines

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