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Construction in Photo Completed by CIP 031-032 (Grand Ave. Bike Lanes), CIP 037 (Grand Ave. Multi-Purpose Trail), and CIP 048 (Road Repair and Rehab)

Public Works oversees the city’s infrastructure -- streets, sidewalks, storm drains, street lights, traffic signals, traffic management -- and coordinates capital improvements planning and construction. The department also reviews development projects, provides code enforcement services and administers trash hauling and recycling programs.

Dan York, P.E., P.L.S.
Public Works Director/City Engineer

Maintenance Operations

Les Chapman
Phone: 951-677-7751
Municipal Services

Maintenance of streets, sidewalks and curbs, public rights-of-way, storm drains, traffic signals and traffic – all are managed by Public Works. Report concerns or request services regarding any of these activities through this site.

Public Works Hotline/ Inspection Request
Phone: 951-677-7751 x5
For Inspection provide Permit Number and Requested Inspection Time at least 48 hours prior to seeking inspection.
Note: This phone number is directed to voicemail.

Capital Improvement Projects Projects / RFPs & RFQs / Bid Results
Community Services, Resources, Information Permit Applications
Landscape and Lighting Maintenance District
No. 89-1-C
Community Facilities District (CFD)
No. 2013-1
Land Development Standards and Guidelines

The City of Wildomar has adopted Riverside County Standards.

Water Quality Management Plan Hydromodification Management Plan
2018 SMR WQMP 2014 SMR WQMP*

*The 2014 WQMP will be effective on July 11, 2014

Heavy Equipment