Wildomar Cemetery Master Plan

Wildomar Cemetery Established 1898

Wildomar Cemetery

21400 Palomar Street Wildomar CA 92595

The Wildomar Cemetery was first established in 1898 and then the Wildomar Cemetery became a public cemetery district on March 28, 1955 under Section 8890 et.seq. Of the Health and Safety Code by resolution of the Riverside County Board Supervisors. On November 9, 2011, the District joined with the newly incorporated City of Wildomar as a Subsidiary District of the City of Wildomar.

Currently, the District boundaries are not the same as the Wildomar City limits as it also includes some of the unincorporated Riverside County area of Lakeland Village. Regional efforts are underway to change this so all residents of the City of Wildomar are included in the District.
The staff, managed by Daniel Torres, is available from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm Monday thru Friday. The cemetery grounds are easily accessible after these hours and on weekends. Policy direction is provided by the Board of Trustees (5 members). The Board is supported by the General Manager Gary Nordquist and advised by the District's Attorney Tom Jex from Burke, Williams, and Sorensen LLP who implements the Board’s policy directions.

The 2011 consolidation was a mutual agreement and both organizations are receiving the efficiency benefits of the merger. The primary source of revenue comes from a small percentage of property taxes from parcels within the district. The District Fund is classified as a Special Revenue Fund for reporting purposes and the FY 2017-18 revenue budget is $486,000 and expenditures are budgeted at $485,600. The operation is currently staffed with a General Manager, Manager of Operations and Maintenance, and one Groundskeeper. Administrative support is provided by the City.

The grounds are approximately 10 acres of which 5.5 acres are immaculately maintained. The proposed re-alignment of borders is consistent with the policy directions.

Should you desire more information regarding this matter, please contact the General Manager, Gary Nordquist (951-377-0158) or Daniel Torres the onsite Manager of Operations and Maintenance (951) 678-2451.

Wildomar Cemetery Park Entrance Gates

8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Monday through Friday

Ordinance 64    Resolution 2011-51    LAFCO Approval

Daniel Torres

Daniel Torres, Parks, Community Services and
Wildomar Cemetery District Manager

Christy Bowen
Christy Bowen, Groundsworker

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