The purpose of the City Manager's Office is to serve as the Chief Executive Officer of the Administration of the City Government; to administer and execute City Council policy; develop and recommend appropriate policy alternatives, plan and implement programs to meet the City's current and future needs; and supervise total management operations and personnel, as provided by chapter 2.08 of the Municipal Code. The City Manager is appointed by the City Council.

Gary Nordquist City Manager
Gary Nordquist
Phone: 951-677-7751

Duties & Responsibilities

• Serves as an advisor to the City Council on policy matters impacting the Wildomar community and the city organization
• Supports the information and policy-making needs of the City Council and implements Council decisions
• Appoints the city's department directors
• Ensures that city services are performed to the highest standard in accordance with Council goals and policies
• Prepares, manages, and implements the annual budget for the city, as well as the city’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP), in support of City Council goals
• Economic Development
• Public Relations
• Regional Government Coordination
o Riverside County Transportation Commission
o Western Riverside Council of Governments
o Southern California Association of Governments

Assistant City Manager

Dan York
Phone: 951-677-7751

The Assistant City Manager provides highly responsible operational support to the City Manager. The role of the Assistant City Manager includes coordinating the day-to-day operational activities associated with the functions of the City. This level of support enables the City Manager to focus on Council directives and policy related matters. In the absence of the City Manager, the Assistant City Manager will serve as acting City Manager.

The City Manager's Office consists of the following divisions:

Human Resources
The Human Resources Division is dedicated to supporting the organization in meeting the goals of the City Manager as determined by the City Council.

Information Technology
Information Technology (IT) under the direction of the City Manager’s Office are sub-contracted to various vendors who provide strategic planning, implementation, and ongoing operational support of the City’s technical infrastructure, government business applications, website and online services.

Risk Management
The Risk Management division handles any and all claims against the City of Wildomar and the Wildomar Cemetery.

Staff Contacts:

Janet Morales
Sr. Administrative Analyst
Phone: 951-677-7751 x 210

Tina Roney
Sr. Administrative Analyst
Phone: 951-677-7751 x 206

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