Measure AA

Dear Neighbors:

On August 8, 2018, the Wildomar City Council unanimously placed Measure AA on the November 6, 2018 ballot. If approved, Measure AA would provide local funds for Wildomar's public safety and other city services.

Wildomar doesn't have enough fire stations, firefighters, and emergency paramedics. This means a majority of responses to 911 calls don't meet emergency medical time standards.

And as many of our residents know, more than 30% of Wildomar streets are rated 'poor', 'very poor' or 'failed' by independent pavement management engineers, with many additional streets still unpaved. Many times, these essential repairs and safety improvements become more expensive over time. If approved, Measure AA funds may be used for Wildomar's public safety, quality of life and other city services including:

  • Maintaining and improving local police and fire protection
  • Preserving 911 medical response times
  • Maintaining local streets, roads and potholes
  • Addressing and reducing homelessness

Measure AA provides local funds to be used by Wildomar for lawful public purposes and also provides for independent financial audits to ensure funds are spent properly. No funds can be taken by Sacramento.