Code Enforcement

What We Do

Consistent with the City's mission statement of making Wildomar a safe and active community with responsible growth and quality infrastructure while keeping a hometown feel. Code Enforcement strives to promote that mission by maintaining a safe and desirable living and working environments for all throughout the city. Our goal is to help maintain and improve the quality of our community by administering fair and unbiased enforcement of State laws and local ordinances to correct violations and reduce hazards that create blight and adversely affect the quality of life of our residents.

Do Your Part to Make Wildomar a Better Place

You can easily improve the quality of life in your neighborhood, and improve our community and reduce your risk of a code violation by simply eliminating the following common violations:

  • Maintain your vehicles in proper operating condition with current registration tags
  • Do not store junk, trash, or debris in or around your property or vehicles
  • Do not let weeds grow in or around your property or under or around your vehicles
  • Non-operable vehicles must be fully enclosed on private property and out of public view
  • Before you build or start any construction, always check with City staff for building permit requirements
  • Maintain good relationships with your neighbors and work together to solve problems before conflicts arise
  • Municipal code violations and illegal land uses (City of Wildomar Municipal Code)

What We Don't Do

While code enforcement is dedicated to make Wildomar a better place, please keep in mind there are some things we cannot resolve, such as:

  • Violations of Homeowner Association rules or violation of deed Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions
  • Determine the location of property lines or resolve property line disputes between neighbors
  • Mediate or regulate blocked private views
  • Tree roots/branches encroaching onto your property or that are causing damage to your fence or structure
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