Capital Improvement Program

The City of Wildomar Capital Improvement Program (CIP) manages the development, design, and construction of City infrastructure projects. The CIP also manages planning projects that are related to future infrastructure such as Master Drainage Plans and Active Transportation Plans.

The CIP is presented as a five year program (5-Year CIP) and each year, the CIP is updated and presented to City Council for consideration. The capital improvements listed in the CIP are the expenditures of public funds over and above the City's annual operating expenditures. Funding for the CIP is provided by a variety of funding sources including local, State, and Federal funds.

A list of the funding sources for the current 5-Year CIP is included in the latest program report, available below. The 5-Year CIP includes forecasts of anticipated capital improvement expenditures. The expenditures shown for the first two fiscal years comprise the adopted Capital Budget for the current budget cycle. Subsequent years are included but are subject to change due to additional analysis, changes in priorities, updates to available revenue, or changes in costs.

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