For Businesses

Information for Businesses & Property Owners

As part of the NPDES Program, the City is required to and performs compliance inspections for businesses in the City of Wildomar that have the potential to cause or contribute to stormwater pollution. A list of business categories that require these Stormwater Compliance Inspections is included in the link below. When a business, operating in one of these categories in the City of Wildomar and providing their services at a fixed location in the City, applies for a Business Registration, a stormwater compliance inspection fee will be collected.

Minimum Required Best Management Practices (BMPs)

The City requires minimum best management practices (BMPs) be implemented at all businesses, where applicable, to minimize stormwater pollution. The City verifies that these minimum BMPs are being implemented during a stormwater compliance inspection for a business.

Information, Tips & Guidelines

Access helpful information and guidelines regarding how businesses can best manage their activities so that they don't cause or contribute to stormwater pollution.

Property Owners with Water Quality Management Plans

Some properties in Wildomar have Water Quality Management Plans (WQMP) - a plan that's prepared during the development of a site that identifies the activity restrictions/practices and onsite infrastructure designed to reduce pollution and treat stormwater runoff before it leaves the site. Property owners with WQMPs are required to implement and maintain their WQMP. The City performs inspections for these WQMPs to ensure that they are being implemented and maintained. For questions regarding the content or frequency of the City's WQMP Inspections, contact the Public Works Department.