For Residents

On this page is a list of common household activities that usually result in water runoff or when mixed with rainwater may result in stormwater pollution. If these activities are not properly managed, the runoff from these activities may be considered prohibited and violations of the City's ordinances. For a full list of prohibited discharges, please see Provision E2.a of the NPDES Permit.

  • Irrigation Runoff Stormwater Fact Sheet (PDF)
  • Pool Maintenance Guidelines (PDF)
  • Landscaping and Gardening Guidelines (PDF)
  • Residential Car Washing Tips and Best Management Practices
  • Use a commercial car wash; commercial car washes are required to properly dispose of wastewater and many filter and recycle their water.
  • If washing your car at home consider the following actions:
    • Wash your car on a pervious surface such as grass or gravel (not concrete or asphalt) so water is filtered before reaching a water body.
    • Use nontoxic, phosphate-free soaps.
    • Use soap sparingly.
    • Minimize runoff by reducing water use, using a spray nozzle to restrict water flow.
    • Wring out sponges and rags over the bucket or in a sink, not the ground.
    • Empty wash water into the sink or toilet, or the grass if you wish to dispose of it outside.