Business Incentives

We happen to think that being located in beautiful Wildomar is incentive enough - but we might be kind of partial!

In September 2023, Wildomar City Council approved the Quality Business Incentive Program (QBIP) and we are excited to encourage even more quality developments in Wildomar!

A “Quality Business” in Wildomar per this program is defined as any business that provides a product, service or experience that:

  • Adds to the overall quality of life in Wildomar and the region; and
  • Significantly contributes to the tax base of Wildomar and/or the region; or
  • Provides jobs that may allow for area residents to work close to home; or
  • Adds a product, service or experience not found elsewhere in the region.

If you feel that your business qualifies, please contact Kimberly Davidson, Economic Development Director, and let's see how we can work together!

Press Release: Wildomar Announces Incentive Program for Quality Development, Businesses (PDF)

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    Kimberly Davidson

    Economic Development Director & Public Information Officer
    Additional Phone: 951-970-8242 - Cell