Planning Department Project Application Forms

Appeals Application 11-1-19 Notice of Public Hearing Package Requirements for CUPs and TM-PM 11-1-19
Cannabis Local License Application Form   Notice of Public Hearing Package Requirements for GPA-Zone Changes 11-1-19
Cannabis CUP/Development Agreement Application Form   Parcel Merger Application    11-1-19
CEQA-EA Form 11-1-19 Pre-Application (PAR) Review 11-1-19
Certificate of Compliance Application 11-1-19 Reversion to Acreage 11-1-19
CUP-PUP-PP-VAR Application 4-28-20 SB 35 Affordable Housing Application Form - Final 12-9-20
Development Agreement Application 11-1-19 SB 330 Affordable Housing Application Form - Final 12-9-20
Extension of Time Application 11-1-19 Sign Program Application 11-1-19
Final Site Plan of Development Application 11-1-19 Tentative Tract - Parcel Map Application 4-28-20
General Plan Initiation Process-GPIP 11-1-19 Temporary Event Application Form-Adopted Version 11-1-19
General Plan Amendment-Zone Change-Specific Plan-Specific Plan Amendment Application 4-28-20  Temporary Sign/Banner Application
  2014 SMR WQMP (document and appendices)
Large Family Day Care Application 11-1-19
Lot Line Adjustment Application 11-1-19
  City of Wildomar Fee Schedule
Mobile Food Facilities Application and Permit Final Map Processing Fees 5-12-14

Questions? Please contact the Planning Department at (951) 677-7751 or by clicking here

Special Note:  Effective immediately, the Planning Department is only accepting "Electronic Project Application Submittals" for all development projects and payment of processing fees at this time due to COVID-19.  We are not accepting applications in person or via mail.  It is important to contact Matthew Bassi for details at: or
  call:  (951) 677-7751, Ext. 213. 
Thank you.