Bundy Canyon Rd. Improvement Project (Segment 1), CIP 026-1

Anti Graffiti Soundwall

April Field Activity -
The Soundwall anti-graffiti treatment is completed. The Sellers Road Intersection underground work is now the emphasis of current construction activity. Street Improvements are to follow once the Intersection is reopened to traffic.

Construction Updates

Updated: 4/21/2022

  • General Notices:
    • Remaining Work at the Sellers Road Intersection for the LINE F storm drain improvements are to resume as soon as possible, and be completed in 3-4 weeks, which will reopen the intersection to traffic. The City is actively coordinating with EVMWD to complete a necessary water line replacement beneath the storm drain and will then complete the storm drain improvements and paving improvements on Sellers Rd. to reopen the road. Detour signs are still in place to direct drivers around the closure.
    • The soundwall installation along Bundy Canyon Road is now complete.
    • Power poles along Bundy Canyon Rd have been relocated to their ultimate right-of-way locations. Southern California Edison is scheduling the relocation of one final power pole along Cherry St. 
    • Please use caution when driving through the construction area, and please follow all traffic control signs and direction from project traffic control personnel.
    • Please expect delays when driving through the construction area. Construction Zone speed limits are strictly enforced.
    • Project updates are also provided via the City's Newsletter, Facebook page, and staff presentations  at regularly scheduled City Council Meetings.
  • May 2022 - Look Ahead:
    • Coordinating the completion of the Sellers Rd. Intersection work and finishing Line F storm drain improvements.
    • Staff and Contractor are currently preparing for the pavement and associated road work strategy, which are expected to begin after intersection work at Sellers Rd. and Cherry St. is complete.
    • Traffic Control will be adjusted to accommodate the change in construction activities. Residents impacted by temporary closures for paving activities will receive notices in advance of the work beginning. 

Questions or Concerns

Please contact Cameron Luna, Project Manager, regarding any questions or concerns related to this project.


Project Summary

The Bundy Canyon Rd. Improvement Project, Segment 1, includes the widening of Bundy Canyon Rd. from Cherry St. to approximately 1600' east of Oak Canyon Dr. The existing road will be widened from two lanes to four lanes, with turn lanes. Bike lanes will be included from the I-15 freeway northbound ramps to Monte Vista Dr., where the bike lanes will connect to a future Class 1 pedestrian and bicycle trail, planned for construction in the next few years. Improvements will also include new sidewalks, new storm drains, and other related roadway improvements. Two new traffic signals will also be installed at the intersections of Sellers Rd. and at Monte Vista Dr.


Project Schedule & Contractor Info

  • Construction originally began in April 2021 and is expected to be complete in the second half of 2022.
  • Contractor for Phase I of the Bundy Canyon project is James Mcminn Inc. (JMI)

Project Funding

The total estimated construction cost is approximately $7,774,445.00.

Project Funding Sources include:

  • Measure AA
  • RCTC (Riverside County Transportation Commission)
  • TUMF (Transportation Uniform Mitigation Fee)
  • Riverside County Flood Control and Water Conservation District (RCFC&WCD)
  • Local Grants (RCTC SB 821 funds)
  • EVMWD Cooperative Agreement (Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District)
  • Development Impact Fees
  • Developer Cash-in-Lieu Contributions


Relevant Project Documents

  • Project Budget and Fact Sheet from 5-Year CIP Program:
  • City Council Meeting Project Update Presentations:

  • Monthly City Newsletter Updates:
  • Video Updates:

    Project Exhibit

     Bundy Canyon Project Limits