Wildomar Mobility Plan 


 Wildomar Mobility Plan

The Wildomar Mobility Plan is an in-progress project that will evaluate the City’s transportation network and create a plan that improves mobility and encourages more active transportation throughout the community. More specifically, the Mobility Plan will supplement and enhance the regional Active Transportation Plan (ATP) and will update the City’s existing Circulation Element. This Project will improve mobility for all by providing a comprehensive transportation plan that includes bicycle elements, pedestrian elements, Safe Routes to School (SRTS) elements, equestrian elements, and connections to transit options for access to major destinations in the area. The Mobility Plan will focus on improving infrastructure for non-motorized transportation and help connect communities, schools, parks and other destinations and services.

The Wildomar Mobility Plan is consistent with the City Council’s adopted vision statement that “the City of Wildomar will be a safe and active community with responsible growth and quality infrastructure while keeping a hometown feel.” – Resolution No. 2017-12.

Final Deliverables:

Wildomar Mobility Element (Draft May 2021)
• Wildomar Mobility Element Appendices (Draft May 2021)

Wildomar Active Transportation Plan (Draft May 2021)
• Wildomar Active Transportation Plan Appendices (Draft May 2021)

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Prior Deliverables:

• Virtual Public Workshop #2 Presentation (December 2020)
• Virtual Public Workshop #2 Video (December 2020)
• Virtual Public Workshop #2 Summary (December 2020)

• Virtual Public Workshop Presentation (August 2020)
• Virtual Public Workshop Video (August 2020)
• Virtual Public Workshop Summary (September 2020)

• Existing Conditions Report (June 2020)
• Existing Conditions Report Appendices (June 2020)
• Summary of Transportation Surveys (April 2020)
• Community Survey Appendices (April 2020)

Grant Details:

The City of Wildomar was awarded $300,000 in grant funds from the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) via Senate Bill 1 (SB1) and the Mobile Source Air Pollution Reduction Review Committee (MSRC) to develop a city-wide Mobility Plan with an emphasis on enhancing mobility for people that walk and ride bicycles. The project also includes a Go Human event to demonstrate innovative active transportation infrastructure and educate and encourage the community regarding active transportation.

The consultants preparing the Wildomar Mobility Plan, Chen Ryan Associates, are responsible to develop an existing conditions report, conduct comprehensive community outreach, plan and deliver walk audits, conduct bicycle and pedestrian counts, develop preferred active transportation networks, prioritize projects, and develop a funding and implementation plan. City staff are working closely with the consultant to ensure that this plan remains consistent with the City Council’s adopted vision statement.

Go Human event demonstrations provide an opportunity for communities to educate residents and stakeholders on safety and encouragement and showcase innovative treatments that are catalytic in maximizing the walking and biking trips in the community. These treatments require robust and innovative outreach to educate elected officials, residents and other stakeholders on project benefits and impacts. The events are effective in dispersing safety and encouragement messaging and are instrumental in advancing infrastructure projects in both conceptual and implementation phases.

The Wildomar Mobility Plan also furthers SCAG’s regional transportation goals and strategies, including those outlined in the 2016 Regional Transportation Plan/Sustainable Communities Strategy (RTP/SCS). These strategies include developing a regional active transportation network, increasing the number of short trips taken by walking and biking, encouraging the implementation of complete street policies, and others as outlined in the RTP/SCS.

The project's benefits and key deliverables include, but are not limited to:

• Developing a localized Active Transportation Plan

• Conducting robust community outreach to engage residents and local stakeholders in the planning process

• Hosting a Go Human event to demonstrate planned infrastructure and engage the public in potential active transportation infrastructure improvements.

• Updating the City’s Circulation Element to incorporate solutions to existing roadways to move all people safely, regardless of transportation mode.

If you have any questions about the Wildomar Mobility Plan, please reach out to the City’s project manager Cameron Luna by either calling 951-677-7751 ext. 245, or by email at cluna@cityofwildomar.org

Wildomar Mobility Plan